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"This 'no strings attached' venture is part of our overall strategy to spur innovation and underscores our commitment to the patient."

Diego Miralles
Head of Janssen R&D´s
West Coast Research Center

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"Having access to this infrastructure has been pretty amazing because it allows us to focus on what we need to do."

Alberto Osio
CEO of Yolia Health

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"Relieving companies of upfront capital requirements and providing flexibility for growth changes the investment profile of this industry."

Bill Hait
Global Head
Janssen R&D


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Janssen Labs is part of LEED certified Class A office and research facility.
and sits within the heart of San Diego life science community.
  • Janssen Labs Aerial View

  • View of Janssen Labs Balcony

  • Janssen Labs Balcony

  • Janssen Labs Courtyard at Janssen Research & Development

  • Main Entrance, Janssen Research & Development, La Jolla – Home of Janssen Labs

  • Janssen Labs Interior

  • Janssen Labs Interior

  • Janssen Labs’ lobby entrance at Janssen Research & Development

  • Janssen Research & Development Meeting Center

  • Janssen Labs Conference Room